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Princeton Architectural Press

Pigology 1000 Piece Puzzle

Pigology 1000 Piece Puzzle

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This delightful 1000-piece illustrated jigsaw puzzle features over 60 colourful, playful pigs in a lively barnyard. A perfect gift for animal lovers, farmers, and nature lovers, this puzzle will make you go hog wild for this charming farm scene, packed with pigs of all kinds roaming in a lush, green space.

From the Berkshire Pig, to the Warty Pig, to the Vietnamese Potbelly Pig, Pigology showcases a wide variety of swine across this sunny scene. Whether grazing, playing, or even partying, each of these perky pigs has a unique design and big personality, making them a joy to assemble. Examine each pig, piglet, and hog and identify its species to bring an educational touch to this charming puzzle. Ideal for game night, families will love assembling this whimsical farm-friendly puzzle together.

Whether you need a break from screen time or are a true puzzle fanatic, you will love assembling these high-quality pieces and getting lost in the vibrant image, illustrated by Camilla Pintonato.

  • 1000 Puzzle Pieces
  • Completed Puzzle Size: 635mm x 508mm
  • Ribbon Cut
  • Includes insert with puzzle image for reference
  • Artist: Camilla Pintonato
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