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My first puzzle purchase....

... At 45yrs old! The reason why is simply because of me always getting someones they've already done, or been given them as gifts.
So when I heard of The Jigstore (LOVE the name) I had to find something eye catching and boom, astronaut with flowers! I've opened it, felt the pieces and they are sturdy, not cheap stuff you can get. And the colours look vivid. I'll be starting it this weekend. Yay, I'm excited to find somewhere that is solely focused on puzzles!

loved the jigsaw and the quality of the pieces.

Challenging, exasperating but so much fun! I really hope the artist who inspired this collection produces some more of this type of artwork ... truly sensational!


This was the first puzzle I have ever completed and love it. Was simple enough to get me into puzzling but complex enough that it took me a week to finish. Good size, not too big or small. Top quality cuts.

Great value

The puzzles are great quality and the unique shapes provided a bit of variety whilst building.

Awesome puzzle

It was a great challenge. I highly enjoyed. The quality is great.

Loved this puzzle

Really enjoyed this puzzle; one of my favourite Galisons so far

Enjoyed doing a different shaped puzzle

Enjoyable puzzle


Cobble Hill has some of the prettiest puzzles. Another brand enhances their pictures with cut and paste photoshopping which can look a bit jarring so I prefer the Cobble Hill brand.


Was surprised at the smaller box size but because Cobble Hill supply a poster guide the small picture on the box lid isn't a problem. The smaller box takes up less storage room.


Cobble Hill make good puzzles. Pieces fit well together. Love the poster guide.


Nice bright colours, resealable pouch and quality thick pieces. Whole family loves it :)


Loved this puzzle! Piece quality is great! Pieces come in a paper bag instead of plastic. Fun puzzle to do and then more fun solving the clues.


Loved the concept of this puzzle!
Love that the pieces come in a paper bag. And that you can check your answers easily through the website ☺️


Such a beautiful image! The piece shape is different and fun for a 500pc! Love the new Pomegranate puzzle box design.

Loved it

A Jigstore Giftcard

Definitely one of my favourite things to give and receive. So many stunning puzzles to choose from to spend it on!

Colourful and interesting

Colourful and interesting

Royal Celebration

Love Gibson 500 x 4 jigsaws. Such high quality


Good puzzle to do. Not too difficult and pieces easy to handle.

Good title

Good puzzle to do. Pieces fit together snuggly.