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Nel Whatmore A Million Shades 1000 Piece Puzzle

Nel Whatmore A Million Shades 1000 Piece Puzzle

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Nel Whatmore's oil painting A Million Shades was inspired by her life long love of Hydrangeas. This gorgeous 1000 piece adult jigsaw puzzle is perfect for anyone who loves flowers, or gardening.

Nel Whatmore is a fine artist with over 30 years’ experience. Best known for her incredible floral paintings and abstracts, she regularly exhibits at Chelsea Flower Show as well as a number of private galleries across the country. A contemporary colourist, her paintings are both expressionist and evocative. She seeks to constantly explore mediums and their abilty to convey emotion. 

  • 1000 Puzzle Pieces
  • Completed Puzzle Size: 735mm x 510mm
  • Ribbon Cut
  • Includes insert with puzzle image for reference
  • Recommended ages 13+
  • Artist: Nel Whatmore
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