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La La Land

La La Land Tribute Artists Paint By Numbers Kit

La La Land Tribute Artists Paint By Numbers Kit

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Whether you’re looking for an ideal gift for your loved ones or want to invest in quality self-leisure time, La La Land’s Adult Paint by Number sets have you covered. 

Paint by Numbers improves mental and emotional health. It stimulates your brain to grow new neurons and increases a neurotransmitter dopamine that will in turn boost your mood. The exercise will help you feel calmer and more relaxed whilst enhancing focus and concentration. Once the painting is complete, you'll feel a great sense of accomplishment.

Each area on the canvas is marked with a number. All you need to do is find the corresponding colour on the paint pot, and fill the area with that colour. Start with any number and go with the flow. Also, be sure to layer the paint for some added depth.

Tribute Artists Paint by Numbers Kit features a colourful illustration of Frida Kahlo, by artist Lilly Perrott.

This La La Land Paint by Number Kit includes:

  • 3 x premium brushes
  • 24 x numbered pots of non-toxic acrylic paint
  • 30cm x 40cm canvas on wooden frame
  • Accessories for hanging
  • Poster of completed artwork for a guide

Artist: Lilly Perrott & Laura Ramos

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