Why Jigsaw Puzzles Are Great for Kids

Designed to delight, inspire and educate, jigsaw puzzles are a beloved classic toy appreciated by parents around the world. They make the perfect gift for children any time of the year.

Here are a few reasons why puzzles are great for kids:

Early Learning and Development

Puzzles are not only a fun, engaging activity but they also build confidence and self esteem in young children. They are perfect for helping children develop critical cognitive and problem solving skills as well as enhancing fine motor skills.

Crocodile Creek's 12 Piece Mini Puzzles are a perfect first puzzle for any toddler with twelve thick jumbo puzzle pieces that are easy for little hands to put together.

Intergenerational & Screen Free

Puzzles are ideal for family time; they promote conversation and offer "Old School" fun across generations without the use of technology. Mudpuppy's detailed Family Puzzles offer both children and adults the opportunity of putting together a challenging but fun puzzle. Children can work on the individual colour blocks and border, while adults tackle the more complex parts.


Lots of puzzles feature educational themes and include informational inserts with fun facts to learn. 

Crocodile Creek's World Collage 1000 Piece Family Puzzle features an Indentification Guide to name landmarks and animals, from the Statue of Liberty to the Penguins of Antarctica, and so much more. Ideal for older kids advancing their puzzling skills.

Puzzles are Fun!

Above all, jigsaw puzzles are fun to do. They feature colourful, vibrant artwork and illustrations that appeal to kids, and there's a theme to suit almost every interest.

Take a look at our collection of Kids Jigsaw Puzzles.

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