Must-Have Jigsaw Puzzle Accessories

There's something undeniably satisfying about putting together a jigsaw puzzle. The thrill of finding the right pieces, the sense of accomplishment as the image slowly comes to life, and the meditative focus it demands – all make puzzling a beloved pastime for many.

To elevate your puzzle experience to new heights, we've curated a collection of essential jigsaw puzzle accessories: puzzle glue, sorting trays, and storage solutions. These accessories are designed to enhance your puzzling journey, ensuring that your puzzles are not only completed with ease but also preserved and displayed with pride. Let's dive into the world of puzzle accessories and discover how they can revolutionise your puzzling passion!

Puzzle Glue: Turning Puzzles into Timeless Treasures
Completing a puzzle is an accomplishment to be celebrated, and what better way to immortalise your hard work than by transforming it into a stunning piece of art? Our specially formulated puzzle glue is the key to preserving your completed masterpiece. Simply apply the glue evenly over the entire puzzle surface, and once it dries, you'll have a robust, long-lasting puzzle that can be framed and displayed as a beautiful keepsake. 

Clementoni Puzzle Glue

Clementoni's Puzzle Glue comes in a unique puzzle piece shaped bottle with easy to use foam applicator tip.

Sorting Trays: Organised Puzzling for Maximum Efficiency
We all know the frustration of fumbling through a pile of puzzle pieces, desperately searching for the right fit. Say goodbye to the chaos and welcome our ingenious sorting trays into your puzzling routine. These versatile trays provide a systematic way to organise your puzzle pieces, saving you time and effort.

Categorise pieces by colour, edge, or pattern and watch as your puzzle-solving process becomes smoother and more enjoyable. 

Jigsaw Puzzle Sorter Trays

Our set of 6 Jigsaw Puzzle Sorter Trays have a fun puzzle shape that is interlocking and stackable. 

Trays for Sorting Puzzles

Alternatively you can purchase a set of plastic serving trays from a variety store for sorting pieces.

Puzzle Storage Solutions: Tidy, Safe, and Ready for Next Time
Life often gets in the way of uninterrupted puzzling sessions. Whether you need to free up your table for family gatherings or create space for other activities, our puzzle storage solutions have got you covered.

From handy puzzle roll mats that let you roll up and store your puzzle in progress to spacious puzzle storage cases for finished or unfinished puzzles, we offer a range of options to fit your needs.

The Puzzle Mates Puzzle & Roll is the easy way to store or carry unfinished puzzles and loose jigsaw pieces.

The Portapuzzle Deluxe Puzzle Carrier is the perfect accessory for storing and transporting a jigsaw puzzle that you're working on.

Our storage solutions keep your puzzles safe and tidy, ensuring you can pick up where you left off whenever you're ready to continue your puzzle adventure.

See our full range of Jigsaw Puzzle Accessories.

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