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Trefl 2000 Piece Puzzle - Vernazza at Dusk

Trefl 2000 Piece Puzzle - Vernazza at Dusk

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Experience the mesmerising beauty of Vernazza, Italy, with Trefl Puzzles' 2000-Piece Puzzle. Delight in the tranquil scene of the harbour at dusk, where twinkling lights cast a warm glow and reflect upon the calm waters, offering a captivating puzzle experience that transports you to the heart of this charming coastal village.

Trefl is a quality European Puzzle brand using high quality blue-board for durability and years of enjoyment.

  • 2000 Puzzle Pieces
  • Completed puzzle size: 96cm x 68cm
  • Printed on thick high quality blue-board, with non-reflective layer, and precision cut interlocking pieces
  • Recommended Ages 12+
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